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Android application is considered a powerful instrument in the hands of business managers. This is statistically proven once we have a look on the data. There are around 25 million of applications that are have been downloaded from different sources of Google Play Store.

The reasons why business owners or business managers choose to use android applications is because they want to add more value to their brand by adding a branded application that can be on the customer’s mind and hands any time of the day, with no time restrictions.

Considering this, Eyug team have been engaging the best android application developers’ part of our team, to offer the most outstanding services in this area of interest.

Why choose our skilful team?

First of all we have the best experts of the market and more.Eyug team is composed of highly experienced and certificated professionals that have had a dynamic background in the field of android application developments. They have demonstrated expertise in Android Media APIs, OpenGL, Location-based Service APIs, Android Software Development Kit, Android Security structure, Wi-Fi APIs, 3D graphics. All these mentioned technologies are the empowering
instrument that enable our professionals to create and develop outstanding and unique android applications for your business necessity.

Secondly, we have already provided our services in the country and we have already achieved customer feedback and appreciation in terms of quality and efficiency. These successfully completed jobs are the best demonstration of our expertise in offering top Android Application solutions.

Our experience is also developed over the seas. A number of foreign businesses have already trusted their Android Application development to our team of experts. This interaction with foreign customers has further enriched our Android application building skills with innovative and value added concepts.

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A team of professionals offering a number of technical skills:

  • Programming
    Our experts have widely proven skills in C and C++ programing languages. Other important programing
    skills include:

    • Java
    • Android & Google API
    • Third party Android Software Development Kit integration
    • Web development languages
    • Others
  • Business Know-How
    Apart technical skills, our experts understand your business needs. The applications will be built and optimised to be on the top of searching results.
  • Attractive UI
    Despite the technological solution behind, user interface is also very important. Our professional team will be able to conceptualise an attractive and dynamic user interface.
  • Back end computation
    Security, database management and hardware interaction are other key elements of an android application. Memory optimisation is another feature our experts will take care in order to have an efficient application usage.
  • Highly efficient Android Applications no matter the device
    EYUG applications are built upon customer request capturing. Eyug team experts will be meeting your business team and gather all the necessary information on the new application to be built. They are experts in comprehending your customer needs and requirements, no matter the category, age and area of focus.Our professionals have already created and launched applications in different business areas that include, but are not limited to:

    • Entertainment
    • News
    • E-commerce
    • Social Network
    • Real Estate solutions
    • Health and lifestyle
    • Fitness
    • Culinary
    • Restaurant
    • Travel
    • Education through E-learning
    • Apps migration to Android

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    Our Clients

    • Web Development
    • Zend, Codeigniter, Django, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Lithium
    • Java/MeanStack
    • Mean Stack ,Angular JS, Express JS,
      Node JS, MongoDB, Java, BI/Big
      Data/Hadoop/Cassandra, UI
      Java, UI Automation – Selenium
    • WEb Designing
    • Website, Flash, WordPress, UI-UX, Responsive Mobile


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