Real time communication between your values and your customers! This is what Lithium Community can do for your business enrichment.

Inviting your customers and consumers to be part of your Lithium Community will provide you the tools to have a better comprehension over their needs. On the other hand, it will increase your brand awareness into their mind, making your products and services part of their lifestyle and daily routine.

Our expert professionals are able to connect your existing PSD or a developed new one with the Lithium application. This team of experts will customize the solution as per your business typology requirements. All the design related modifications can be performed during the development phases at a very efficient approach as far as costs are concerned.This solution will alter your website in order to act as a social channel across PC’s and mobile handsets.

Once you decide to make Lithium part of your business strategy in terms of communication and service and support provisioning, you will understand the outgrowing benefits of this solution. Lithium will provide you a totally new channel of communication. It will grant your customers an attractive way to connect with your business, understand your goals in terms of service improvement, and on the other side, it will gather the necessary data for you to
understand your customers’ behaviour and demands. Lithium can be deliberately known and accepted as a win – win proposition.

Lithium Key Features

  • Community style Your documents can be customized in different font styles and page layouts. Lithium is open to creative designing. Most importantly, all these documents are easily accessible through desktop and handsets as well.
  • E-Commerce Website designing and development
    CI Framework and AJAX can be the foundations of a joyful, stress-free and friendly end user Shopping Cart experience that will present and trade your products and services in the online market.
  • User Profile options Lithium Community user can customize his/ her profile as per his/
    her own individual preferences. They can create their own “My group”, “Bookmarks”, “Images” and other features that might come in handy, such as new ideas, likes, upgrades and many other more. All these elements will contribute to the creation of a dynamic and interactive environment.
  • Forums Through Lithium Community your experts can interact with your consumers and create relevant, important topics in regards to your products and brands.
  • Layout Choose your own layout as per your own preferences amidst hundreds of possibilities.
  • Studio Customization Lithium enables its users to personalize their community studio sections. Community management, content, announcements, posts, the source of information and other elements can be fully personalized as per your own demand.
  • Reviews Once you provide your customers of consumers the “Review” option, you are adding more value to your business as far as trust is concerned. Through reviews, you will be contributing to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Every business core logic is to get to know its customers. Lithium platform is facilitating this
process thanks to its interactive solution through community forums and communication
channels. Letting your customer’s approach you through attractive and dynamic solutions
will contribute to your brand awareness and brand exposing.

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