iPhone Applications

Eyug is capable of building highly professional iPhone applications. We have already successfully completed a number of projects including iPhone application development. We are operating country based and internationally as well. Our already provided iPhone applications are being downloaded from App Store frequently on daily basis.

As per the data and statistics information, user experience is considered to be excellent in terms of user friendly UI and application efficiency. Our experts’ skills will insure you a smooth application development following your original idea. Minimising costs and insuring your return upon investment will be our parallel priority.

Why choose our skilful team?

There are a number of factors to be considered when choosing the best company to produce your iPhone application. But, there are still two specific elements that highly impact the best choice during the decision making process.

These two elements are: quality and cost.

These two principles are fully aligned with our company mission. We are striving to provide the best solutions in the market at the most affordable and reasonable cost. This philosophy will be insuring you the return upon investment through the iPhone application you have conceptualised and we will build and develop for you.

Eyug team members are coming at your disposal with all the skills and know how as far as iPhone application development is concerned. They have already elaborated and provided a wide pool of applications for iPhone users.


We refer to users, since they are considered to be the beneficiaries of any IT solution or IT product. We believe that, once we will be able to meet your customers/ consumers satisfaction, we will have already provided you with the best tool of investment.

A team of professionals offering a number of technical skills:

  • Programming
    Our experts are equipped with all the necessary knowledge on below areas and will be able to provide you error free applications ready to be published on the App Store.

    • UI Kit
    • XCode
    • Web services
    • Apple HIG
    • Cocoa Touch
    • REST APIs
    • iOS game engines
  • Business Know-How
    We know that time is very important in business collaborations. Considering this, we will be delivering our outstanding services and solutions following your agenda, with one specific goal: “Exceeding your expectations”
  • Attractive UI
    Our UI code will be built in the most efficient way to provide a satisfying user experience. Apart this, our designing experts will be focusing on the most attractive and dynamic design ideas for your application.
  • App Optimization
    Apart technical skills, our experts understand your business needs. The applications will be built and optimised to be on the top of searching results.
  • Highly efficient iOS Applications no matter the device (iPhone/ iPad)
    No matter the industry you are operating in, Eyug can assure you that our professional team will be ready to meet and exceed your expectations. We have already proven experience in developing different iPhone applications on below areas:

    • iOS Native
    • iOS Web
    • Business
    • Gaming & Entertainment
    • Sports
    • Themes
    • Multimedia & Social Networking
    • Sales & Money Management
    • Education
    • Travels & Booking
    • Weather solutions
    • Utility service applications
    • Health & Fitness
    • Lifestyle

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    Our Clients

    • Web Development
    • Zend, Codeigniter, Django, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Lithium
    • Java/MeanStack
    • Mean Stack ,Angular JS, Express JS,
      Node JS, MongoDB, Java, BI/Big
      Data/Hadoop/Cassandra, UI
      Java, UI Automation – Selenium
    • WEb Designing
    • Website, Flash, WordPress, UI-UX, Responsive Mobile


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